Picnics are special

Have you ever grabbed a picnic basket and your friend or significant other?  Picnics can be fun and it gets you out of the house and on an adventure.   We all need to take time to smell the flowers, or in this case, have a picnic and eat some cookies and lemonade. We even coordinated a family reunion with the picnic theme.

P1000449 IMG_8320

Another outing is to grab some wine and cheese and just make your table a bit of whimsey and if you are going to a festival, wear some hats that will make the crowd turn their heads.

P1000474  IMG_7314

Just be creative and if you need help with ideas, Main Stream Events and PR Firm can help.  We love private and corporate parties and we can do all the work.  We can even surprise you and your someone special with all the details and keep it a secret to all and then you just show up where we have the perfect private getaway. Perfect for an anniversary with your someone special.  (Just thinking about this gives me the goosies as I am a hopeless romantic)

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Karen Clements
Main Stream Events and PR Firm

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