A blank canvas is great to start with … but then what?

Behind the scenes today with Karen Clements and Main Stream Events and PR Firm. Yep, it’s blank. This is the layout of what a room looks like prior to design.   This is where you begin to draw out tables and chairs. Knowing how many people are attending your event is crucial in design and that is one of the first questions event consultants ask.


There are many aspects in creating a room and starting with this step and then moving to these other elements:

  • what type of tables and chairs and how many will fit in the room (round or banquet)
  • what colors and styles of linens (where do you start – there are so many)
  • what florals are going to make your design (what is in season and can you get them shipped to you)
  • are you bringing in a stage and how you are going to make the design work
  • if a buffet dinner where are the catering tables going
  • OMG, you can’t forget about the right lighting  – this will make your design come alive
  • do you have space for furniture whether it is lounge or cocktail tables
  • and the list goes on…..

This can be overwhelming so just another reason why you should hire an Event Consultant or Planner.  They can bring your vision to life and bring the right vendors to make it all happen.

To be continued for other elements and behind the scenes with Main Stream Events and PR Firm keep watching our blog.

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